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Holiday Gift Guide

Zahava Holiday Guide

There are a few days left...


Celebrate all of the women in your life this Holiday with a precious Zahava heirloom, and some of our

favorite gifts from like-minded brands.


For the Lover


Celebrating the one who always gives love with our Pink Tourmaline Sunbeam Heart Pendant, the soul-nourishing self-care of the Third Ritual Apothecary Toolkit, or cozying up in a Jenni Kayne Cardigan.

Pink Tourmaline Sunbeam Heart Pendant Third Ritual Apothecary Toolkit Jenni Kayne Cardigan


For the Mama


Celebrate the mamas with our 1960’s Calendar Charm Necklace, minting her most special moments in gold. Nourish her in True Botanics serum, and frame her sweetest memories with Still Novel.

1960s Calendar Charm, True Botanics Serum, Still Novel Frame


For the Wise one


Honor her inner wisdom with the Peacock Traveler's Token, this brilliant book by Dr. Galit Atlas, and an elixir to keep her mind curious from Clevr.

Peacock Traveler’s Token, Emotional Inheritance Dr. Galit Atlas, Elixir Clevr


The one with the golden spirit


Keep her golden spirit shining with the Bliss Octagon, engraved with wisdom to hold near. Adorn her in a floral Dôen dress, and nourish her in rose bath oil from Pratima.

Bliss Octagon, Floral Does Dress, Rose Bath Oil from Pratima


The Global Citizen


For the one with an insatiable hunger to experience this wide world, surprise her with our Golden Atlas, and set bespoke diamonds to commemorate her travels. Wrap her in a White + Warren cashmere Travel Wrap, or a woven beach tote from The Jackson's.


Golden Atlas, White + Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap, Women Beach Tote the Jacksons