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Items of Cultural Reverence

Zahava is a collection of reimagined heirlooms that celebrate moments in time

Calendar Charm

Inspired by a charm from the 1960s, each Calendar pendant is completely custom made. Tell us the month, day and year of a meaningful date for you, and we will mint it in 10k gold and mark it with a diamond, or birthstone of your choice.

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Our Philosophy

Zahava comes from an exploration of identity and spiritual connection in a modern world

Inspired by ancient wisdom, our collection of Gold Jewelry and Brass Ritual objects is crafted by hand as modern heirlooms, to be passed on from woman to woman. Each piece is designed with the intention of elevating your celebrations – a coming of age moment, a dinner together, or just a moment in time.

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Our Story

Meet the Designer

Enamored by design and travel from a young age, designer Jessica Hendricks Yee was born in Paris and grew up outside Manhattan with eyes glued to the cases in her mother’s jewelry shop.

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