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Our Story


Ancient Wisdom

Zahava (Golden, in Hebrew) comes from an exploration of identity and spiritual connection in a modern world. Inspired by ancient wisdom, our collection of Gold Jewelry and Brass Ritual objects is crafted by hand as modern heirlooms, to be passed on from woman to woman. Each piece is designed with the intention of elevating your celebrations -- a coming of age moment, a dinner together, or just a moment in time.

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Modern Heirlooms

Ethically produced by global metalsmiths, predominantly in Tel Aviv, our Jewelry is crafted in 10k Gold, evocative of antique amulets from another time and place. Based in sunny Los Angeles, we craft pieces for clients across the globe.


Jessica Hendricks Yee

Enamored by design and travel from a young age, designer Jessica Hendricks Yee was born in Paris and grew up outside Manhattan with eyes glued to the cases in her mother’s jewelry shop. 

While receiving her BFA in Drama at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Hendricks Yee became fascinated by indigenous cultures and spirituality, and traveled to South East Asia to teach English. This experience led her to launch her first line - The Brave Collection, jewelry handmade in Cambodia to support local artisans and empower women against human trafficking. She was named a Forbes Listmaker, interviewed by MSNBC, collaborated with designers such as Tory Burch, and invited as a guest to the White House.

After planning her Chinese/Jewish wedding, she created her second line, Zahava, in 2018 to celebrate the beautiful collision of heritage with who we choose to be today -- modern, multicultural families and global citizens with deep roots. Zahava is worn by incredible women across the globe including Sophia Bush, Zosia Mamet and Sophia Amoruso, and has been covered by publications including Goop and Allure, and named one of Glamour’s “Best New Fashion Brands of 2018”. 

Jessica’s passion lies in using design as a platform to tell powerful stories, connecting people to bigger ideas through symbolic objects with deep meaning.