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Personal Heirloom Stories from Our Designer

Personal Heirloom Stories from Our Designer

As we find our own rhythm in this world, we realize that part of life's dance was taught to us by our ancestors.



Our Designer and Founder Jessica and her husband Patrick take time to reflect over their own family heirlooms. Allowing the power of generational wisdom to wash over them.





Thoughts from Jessica 


as she soaks in her own family heirlooms...  


Designer and Founder Jessica in grandmothers fur jacket



"My grandmother's fur jacket, embroidered with her initials. She and my grandfather grew up with nothing and my grandfather was totally self-made. One day they were walking by Saks and my grandmother looked googly-eyed at this gorgeous fur coat in the window and my grandfather insisted they walk in and buy it! She tells me it was such a moment -- two kids from the Depression having this larger than life dream moment!"


Close up of engraving on Jessica's grandma's fur jacket 



Young Jess's Mom, Dawn, Lapis Beaded Necklace, Gold Chains, Old Photos


"My mother Dawn's photos from the days where she had a dark room in her basement. Her gold chains from her more 80s style. Her birth certificate. Lapis beads from her Semester at Sea."




Gold Spoons, Handwritten Letter, Gold Pocket Watch, Jewish Cookbook

"A Jewish cookbook from my grandmother. My great grandfather Isaac's pocket watch and chain. Caviar spoons (my grandmother Lee is a fancy lady)."




 Jessica Lighting Shabbat Candles  

"Lighting Shabbat candles is an heirloom ritual, passed down for generations in my family."





Zahava Designer/Founder Jessica and her husband Patrick making his families recipe. 



"Making homemade dumplings from my mother in law, Anna's recipe. There's a bright gingery fish and cilantro recipe, and a heartier meat recipe. In their family, the women gather together in the kitchen and prepare the dumplings for hours and it's such a sweet and joyful time. We eat the dumplings in a simple broth with vinegar sauce and bok choy and they are outstanding."