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Jenn Tardif 3rd Ritual Earth Cream


Jenn Tardif of 3rd Ritual

Recommendation for November: 
Earth Cream

Earth is a grounding blend of vetiver, pink pepper, and rosewood, carried by a rich cream infused with purifying neem extract and Kaolin clay.
3rd Ritual Earth Cream   
"In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Earth element is important during times of transition — a reminder of stability amid moments of continual flux. We set out to create a blend that would inspire the groundedness that comes from harmonious mind-body connection with a luxurious, moisturizing cream."
-Jenn Tardif

Explore the Scent
Top Notes: Pink Pepper and Ylang Ylang
Middle Notes: Cardamom, Cypress, and Vetiver
Base Notes: Rosewood and Tobacco

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