Ibex Pavé Token



Since ancient times the Ibex has been revered for navigating the roughest and narrowest terrain with a steady focus and unwavering persistence. It was once said that if two Ibex met, horn to horn at a standstill on the narrowest of paths, that one Ibex would climb over the other to get across, as no seemingly impossible hurdle could tip this grounded creature off its course.

Pavé diamond halos can be added to any Token. Please inquire about a special order to hello@zahava.com.

Add a custom engraving to the back of the pendant by adding details below!


Sculpted and engraved by hand in 10k gold with four 1 pt diamonds

Pendant measures 25mm long x 18mm wide x 2mm thick

The back of each Token is pre-engraved with the Pendant’s symbolic meaning.

Add an additional custom engraving in our signature script above or below by typing in your chosen characters. Learn more about our Engravings here.

Please allow at least 1 week for custom engravings.

All customized sales are final.
All jewelry arrives nestled within a turquoise cushion in our custom gift boxes, inspired by your grandmother's tin candy box. Each piece is accompanied by its specific explanatory Symbolism card, framed in gold foil.

Choosing Your Sidekick

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Ibex Pavé Token
Ibex Pavé Token
Ibex Pavé Token
Ibex Pavé Token