Palm leaf

Open to magic

The palm tree’s graceful leaves let themselves be easily moved by the wind, like those who are spiritually and creatively connected.


Ever evolving

Among the oldest families of flowers on earth, dating back 300 million years, the Protea is able to present itself in over 1,400 varieties of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. With its mythological connections to change and transformation, the protea represents bold courage, adaptability and an embodiment of diversity.


All seeing wisdom

Birds can be seen as magical beings, as they fly between heaven and earth, embodying our desires to supercede earthly experiences by viewing our reality from great heights. A peacock’s feathers are “eyes of the stars”, allowing them to see the depths of beauty and brilliance the world has to offer.

Dotted olive branch

Peace within

The ever fruitful olive tree can reach the age of 2,000 years old, and can regrow, even after being burned. Though its branches are light enough to be carried by a dove, they are strong enough to symbolize peace, unity and forgive

Date palm

Deeply rooted

Sprouting tropical leaves and sweet fruits from the the depths of the ancient desert, the Date Palm embodies the abundant shelter and nourishment the earth can provide. With its grace and elegance, the date palm has been minted on timeless coins across cultures, as a symbol of eternal life.


Protection and Guidance

We call upon the camel for strength, endurance and guidance in our travels, whether they be short trips, epic pilgrimages, or along the journey of life itself. Whether the path be physical or spiritual, the camel is an expert guide.



To fully appreciate the symbolism of the stars, we must imagine what the night sky looked like to ancient cultures: An expanse of wonder, aspiration, and guidance. We look upon the same stars from all points on earth, and the same stars that our ancestors before us gazed up at, sending their dreams into the sky.



Since ancient times the Ibex has been revered for navigating the roughest and narrowest terrain with a steady focus, and unwavering persistence. It was once said that if two ibex met, horn to horn at a standstill on the narrowest of paths, that one ibex would climb over the other to get across, as no seemingly impossible hurdle could tip this grounded creature off its course.

Pomegranate vine

Endless possibilities

Grown in the Mediterranean for thousands of years, the Pomegranate, with its rich color, healing nutrients and beautiful jewel-like seeds exudes beauty and majesty. Some cultures say that each seed represents a different virtue to live by, representing the hundreds of opportunities that lay before each of us.