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In her words

Sophia Bush


“It’s a reminder that it’s what’s on the inside that makes a person truly, timelessly, beautiful.”

–on her Pomegranate Vine Token, for Inner Beauty

Zosia Mamet


"Carrying around this little piece of light feels like the perfect medicine, totem and reminder to shine bright."

–on her Star Token, for Light

Willow Lindley

Fashion Market Editor, VOGUE

“My current favorite gift obsession - the Mini Golden Atlas - lets you punctuate a place that has shared meaning with a lovely little diamond. Nothing is better than a beautiful and discrete customization that has true meaning.”

–on her Golden Atlas

Sophia Amoruso


“Zahava pieces feel like true heirlooms. A gift from myself to myself.”

–on her Ibex Token, for Balance


Co-founder and Creative Director, Refinery29

“This timeless totem, worn close to my heart, is a constant reminder to follow my spirit and let creativity guide me.”

–on her Palm Leaf Token, for Spirit

Serinda Swan


“Ever evolving, ever growing, ever renewing. This is why I wear my Zahava Protea necklace. To remind me that what is now old was once new, what was the future is now the past, and what I believe I am today may completely change tomorrow.”

–on her Protea Token, for Renewal


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